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The Patrick SWCD May Board of Directors Meeting is scheduled for May 9th, 2024 at 9:15 a.m.,

Patrick Springs Park, 

2 Ballpark

Stuart, VA 24171.      

For more information, please contact the Patrick SWCD office at (276) 694-2911. Please stop by the District office at 104 Via Avenue, Stuart, VA 24171 to ask about agricultural state cost-share programs.



The Patrick County Soil and Water Conservation District  announces sign- up period for the 2023/2024 Virginia Agricultural Best Management Practice (BMP) Cost-Share Program.  Agricultural producers who farm in Patrick County can sign up now. 


To make an appointment for a field visit, please contact the Patrick SWCD office at 276-694-2911.  


The cost-share program supports the use of various practices in conservation planning to treat cropland, pastureland, and forested land, which often helps production while also contributing to the health of the waters in Patrick County. Some BMPs are paid for at a flat rate or straight per-acre rate while others are cost-shared on a percentage basis.  Because demand for cost-share assistance is great, the Patrick SWCD supports the implementation of only those plans that meet local water quality guidelines. Since some requests can't be satisfied, priority ranking of practices will be used to make sure funds are spent wisely.


To read more about the VACS program, go to or or


call the District office at 276-694-2911 to schedule a field visit.


Click here for more info the basics of layout and construction for fixed knot fence, brace construction, post & wire selection, as well as electric fencing. The afternoon session will be entirely hands-on in the field.  Click here for more info:

District Overview

The Patrick Soil and Water Conservation District is a subdivision of the State Government and is responsible under State Law for conservation work within the boundaries of Patrick County.  Its purpose is to focus attention on land, water and related resource problems.  The District collaborates with private sources and partnering agencies to develop programs to solve these problems.

The Patrick Soil and Water Conservation District was organized July 7, 1983.  From August 26, 1944 until July 7, 1983, Patrick County was in the New River Soil and Water Conservation District, which at the time was comprised of the counties of Floyd, Carroll and Grayson.   A petition to create the Patrick Soil and Water Conservation District was authorized by the Patrick County Board of Supervisors on March 24, 1982.  The petition to withdraw Patrick County from the New River Soil and Water Conservation District and create a new district within the boundaries of Patrick County was approved by the Department of Conservation and Recreation, Division of Soil and Water Conservation, on May 20, 1982.

Patrick County's 467-square-mile area was carved from neighboring Henry County in 1791 and one-third is in the rolling Piedmont plateau and the remaining two-thirds in the rugged Blue Ridge Mountains where the Blue Ridge Parkway straddles the line with Floyd & Carroll counties to the north & west.  The name comes from Patrick Henry, first governor of the Commonwealth, who lived at Leatherwood, from 1779 to 1884.

District directors are local citizens elected or appointed to a four-year term of office.  The District is operated by five directors, who serve four-year terms and may be re-elected or re-appointed to succeed themselves. The District is represented by three directors elected in the general election.  The other two directors are appointed by the Soil and Water Conservation Board. One of the appointed directors shall be a County Extension Agent and the other appointed director shall reside within Patrick County.  The only compensation Directors and Associate Directors receive is mileage reimbursement.


With 43 Years combined experience, knowledge, love of the county and conservation and enjoyment working with our many producers, the District's two employees, Sandra Heath and Tony Collins have been employed with the District for 27 and 21 years respectively, who work diligently and continue to strive to help landowners protect natural resources.


Because the conservation district is a citizen-directed organization, they are practical partners to coordinate local, state and federal watershed initiatives to protect natural resources and enhance water quality.  Patrick Soil and Water Conservation District encourages good stewardship by helping people manage the soil, water, air, plants and animals so their watershed can sustain them for generations to come.  Healthy watersheds balance the needs of people, the land and natural resources, providing for stable economics that enable people to enjoy a quality life.


The District office is located on 104 Via Avenue, Stuart, VA 24171.  Office hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

  The District telephone number is (276) 694-2911.

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